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N’we Jinan Records

Emerging Artist Program

N’we Jinan Records is an emerging artist program that aims to support artists seeking development and guidance in the field of music & entertainment. The main objective of this initiative is to mentor and guide aspiring Indigenous talents who are connected through N’we Jinan Arts Programs and help them further their personal goals following their high school graduation. The emerging artist program offers development support, mentorship, networking, and professional resources that connect to the artistic areas they wish to find support in. These are among the services of support that N’we Jinan Records is prepared to offer their artists:

  • Music Production Services
  • Artist Management
  • Mentorship Opportunities
  • Career Development
  • Job Placement & Experience
  • Planning Tools & Resources
  • Artist Advocacy
  • Business Development
  • Music Project Administration
  • Financial Support

The N’we Jinan Records Emerging Artist Program has an annual intake of 5 artist/groups selected through a submission call following the annual N’we Jinan Festival & Youth Conference. N’we Jinan Records encourages submissions specifically from students who are about to graduate high school or graduate students who are connected to one of our programs.


Early Stages of N'we Jinan Artists