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Angel Baribeau // APTN National News

Non-binary Cree artist Angel Baribeau releases new album, video featuring LGBTQ youth

via Jamie Pashagumskum – APTN National News

Angel Baribeau has been song writing for as long as they can remember and credits their family for the influence.

From the Cree Nation of Mistissini in northern Quebec, Baribeau said there was always music in the house growing up.

“My grandmother was a musician my whole life and it took me a really long time to even realize that she was a musician because it was so natural that she would play guitar,” Baribeau told APTN News. “Even when her hearing was going she would always play guitar and she would like slam it.”

Besides their Gookum, Baribeau’s dad and other family members were an influence who “fed that fire.”

“For myself it felt really natural to go into the realm of music just because I loved singing and I loved song writing and I just loved music in general,” Baribeau said.

Angel started taking song writing seriously in 2014 at the age of 13 when they participated in a music creation workshop in Mistissini.