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Hazely // Windspeaker News

Young, talented, and a little nervous: Hazely releases first solo single to the world.

via Sharine Narine – Windspeaker News

Music has delivered Hazel Waskewitch and she’s hoping it will do the same for her listeners.

“There were times where I felt like giving up, but music helped me. It brought me back up to my feet,” said Waskewitch.

“I just hope my music helps people to make them feel better about themselves, helps them go through what they’re going through.”

Waskewitch, who records under the name Hazely, is getting people to their feet with her first video release of her first single from her first album.

“Feel Free” will launch March 5 on the N’we Jinan Records label. Hazely’s album, All Good Things, which is being pitched as an “R&B powerhouse vocalist fusing acoustic pop melodies and hooks with traditional Indigenous round dance songs”, will follow in June. 

The shy 19-year-old penned the lyrics for “Feel Free”, which tells her story from childhood to now. It recounts how she has spent her time “on the road” since eight years of age, traveling between Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, where her mother lives and where Waskewitch is the youngest of six children, and Onion Lake Cree Nation, where her father lives and where she is the oldest of 12 children.