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Mattmac // CBC Indigenous

Meet Mattmac, the blind Oji-Cree artist who writes, raps and produces his own music

via Lenard Monkman – CBC News

From small gospel jamborees on the rez to the bright lights of the big city, one self-taught, blind Oji-Cree artist is hoping his music will break down barriers for other young people with disabilities.

“I obviously have a disability. I’m blind, but I’ve never let that stop me,” said Matthew Monias, 20, a.k.a. Mattmac.

“I’ve been putting in my time and effort into this project and everything that’s going on.”

Monias, who was born blind, grew up in the Oji-Cree community of Garden Hill, about 475 kilometres north of Winnipeg.  

He grew up in a gospel music environment with his family and started singing at the age of four.

“That’s kind of what really started my musical journey. I used to sing a lot and it was mostly gospel music that I was doing in the community,” he said.

When he was eight, he discovered that not everyone was living like him.

“That’s when it really started hitting me, the fact that I had no vision and I was different from everybody else,” he said.